30 students vaccinated with one syringe

30 students vaccinated with one syringe

Healthcare professionals are preparing to treat patients during the COVID-19 pandemic in Manhattan, NY, USA on April 29.


On Wednesday, 30 students in Madhya Pradesh, India, were vaccinated with just one syringe.

Vaccine Jitendra claimed that authorities handed him a single-use syringe and that the “head of the department” had ordered him to vaccinate all 30 children.

“Why is this my fault?” Jitendra said in a recorded video circulating on Twitter.

Initial information report against Jitendra for negligence and gross violation of central government promise of ‘one needle, one syringe, one time’ (FIR) has been filed.

Jitendra states that the injections he had only had once and had the same doubts, yet he used one injection several times.

The incident occurred at a COVID vaccination camp for children at Jain Public High School in Sagar town. Parents expressed concern when they realized their children had been vaccinated with one dose of hers.

Chief Medical and Health Officer DK Goswami said he is aware of the incident and will take immediate action.

“Complaints have been received and investigations are ongoing. Strict action will be taken against those convicted,” Goswami said. 


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