Did Meghan Markle meet Prince Andrew before Harry via Ghislaine Maxwell?

Did Meghan Markle meet Prince Andrew before Harry via Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell’s unofficial biographer has suggested Meghan Markle may have met Prince Andrew through Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein years before she met Prince Harry.

UK The Steeple Times in 2020 reported that a prominent journalist tipped them off to find out if the current Duchess of Sussex had met Prince Andrew as a friend of convicted pedophile Epstein before meeting Harry or not.

This question was asked by Sommers, author of Ghislaine Maxwell: An Unauthorized Biography, in a new podcast shared on YouTube in which she explores the connection between Markle, close friend Markus Anderson, Epstein, Maxwell and Prince Andrew.

Suggesting that Markle’s friend Anderson may have been a “connection” to Epstein from 2001, Sommers shared that the media could find a “photograph of Markle on a yacht in Phuket, Thailand, riding the train. having fun with Prince Andrew” via Maxwell.

Sommers also claimed Markle had been invited to ‘Yacht Week 2016′, an event later described by GQ as ‘Sodom and Gomorrah at sea’, although it is unclear if the Duchess of Sussex attended the event. sue or not.

The author added on Twitter: “The Duchess of Sussex is controlled by the very same force that controlled Jeffrey Epstein.”


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