ECP verdict echoes in NA | The Express Tribune

ECP verdict echoes in NA | The Express Tribune

On Tuesday, Congress repeated its vehement attacks on PTI following the ECP’s long-awaited ruling in the banned funding case as PML-N leaders called for legal action to let the party PTI’s former rulers taste their own medicine, as they sing the blues about the “injustice” that justice inflicts on them on “immaterial things”.

Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif urged the executive to refer the case of banned PTI funding to the judiciary for further action. Although relieved by the decision, the minister stressed that it took eight years for ‘justice to be served’, saying that never in the political history of Pakistan has there been an example of such a long delay. on such a controversial issue.

In the same breath, he compared the “horrifying” situation to what the PML-N went through, lamenting that the party’s supreme leader, Nawaz Sharif, had been disqualified from directing for life because of his simplicity. simply did not collect his own son’s salary.

Today, a sentence was brought against someone whom the court declared ‘sadiq’ and ‘ameen’, he added. Speaking by order in Parliament Asif, the judiciary is expected to evaluate the evidence mentioned in the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) decision regarding the foreign funding of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. .

He said the judiciary should make decisions based on merit to uphold the law and the constitution and end the culture of language abuse and unconstitutional practices. He said today ECP has fulfilled its responsibility by declaring that PTI has received prohibited foreign grants. He accused Imran Khan of being a foreign-funded agent who “has harmed and slandered state institutions”.

“It’s ironic that the organizations are fine if they support him and he starts abusing them if they withdraw their support.” Citing the ECP ruling, Khawaja Asif said it has now been proven that Imran Khan has accepted funding from countries including the US, Canada, India, Israel and the UK.

He said the case was a shining example of money laundering. He said it would be a great tragedy for the country if Imran Khan went unscathed. The minister said that now parliament and other institutions play their part in upholding the constitution and social values ​​of our society.

He says PTI leadership has destroyed economies and institutions in a well thought out plan


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