Harry ‘sparkled the brightest’ now often seen with ‘haunted eyes’

Harry ‘sparkled the brightest’ now often seen with ‘haunted eyes’


The ‘brightest’ Harry is now often seen with ‘haunted eyes’

Body language expert Judy James has claimed that Prince Harry’s demeanor has changed following his royal resignation.

Experts compared the Duke of Sussex’s body language at the 2014 Commonwealth Games to his appearance in recent years.

“When someone is sitting between them, the sharp, mirrored recline that Harry and William created to create closeness and more intimate conversation suggests they are happiest when sitting together. looks,” James said. Mirror.

“He’s really a live-action comic here who always tries to make his brother and sister-in-law laugh,” she added.

However, the expert added that Harry has shown “clear facial expressions” in recent years.

She also highlighted her ‘haunted eyes’ after saying goodbye to royal duties in 2020 and was ‘disappointed by that fraternal closeness’.

“We can also see that the benefit of the initial relationship is clearly two-way or three-way,” adds James.

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