Huge sinkhole forms at Shaheen Complex roundabout in Karachi

WATCH: Huge sinkhole forms at Shaheen Complex roundabout in Karachi

Police officers stand around a sinkhole that has formed at the Shaheen Chowk Complex roundabout in Karachi, July 30, 2022 – Author’s image

Saturday collapse at Karachi’s Shaheen Chowk Complex creates a large sinkhole just before the start of Road II Chundrigar.

Traffic police told Geo News the sinkhole formed after a 72-inch pipe collapsed, after which law enforcement placed stop signs around it. 4,444 police officers were also deployed around to prevent any damage, while no human damage was reported, law enforcement said. However, there are traffic jams on the road, making it difficult for people to travel.

Earlier this week, a sinkhole formed on a road near the minister’s house in the Civil Road area of ​​Karachi after a 72-inch wide sewer pipe running under the road burst due to increased water pressure.

The road where the sinkhole emerges on Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road leads from PIDC Chowk to Clifton in the red zone of Karachi.

This is not the first time sinkholes have formed on the roads of Karachi. The formation of sinkholes is a recurring urban problem. In addition, the rains also severely damaged the roads.

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