Illegal plasma sale thrives in Lahore

Illegal plasma sale thrives in Lahore


Following a rise in confirmed coronavirus cases and a significant increase in the number of recovering patients, a plasma black market has emerged across the country, especially in the provincial capital.

People are selling the plasma of patients who have recovered from the coronavirus for tens of thousands of rupees, the Express Tribune reported on Saturday.

Convalescent plasma or convalescent plasma is currently being tested as a possible treatment for coronavirus disease in various countries including Pakistan as it contains antibodies developed by the system immunity of those who have won the war against the virus.

Although a large number of patients who have overcome the disease are willing to donate plasma for free, some black sheep are using popular social media platforms to contact critically ill patients due to coronavirus looking for a donation.

A patient who wanted to sell his plasma after a recent convalescence said: “I don’t want to earn money but get back the cost of treatment because thousands of rupees have been spent on medicine, counseling and food. . I believe there is no harm in offsetting the cost when people sell their plasma for tens of thousands of rupees in the city.

Others engage in unethical trade for their own reasons. Thousands of posts are available on social media indicating that illegal activity is taking place openly without fear of law enforcement or accountability.

On June 13, a Twitter user posted his thoughts on the matter: “People are making money selling their plasma to patients in Pakistan.

Humanity is dead. Meanwhile, many people think there’s nothing wrong with that. They point out that people are also selling kidneys and blood.

Besides plasma, people have a need for drugs like Remdesivir, Besimivir and others that are considered beneficial in treating coronavirus. To save the lives of their loved ones, some have expressed a willingness to pay any amount for these virtually unavailable drugs. In May, the National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD) confirmed that the first coronavirus patient treated with plasma therapy had recovered.

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