Imran Khan must prove he is sadiq, ameen: PML-N’s Zubair

Imran Khan must prove he is sadiq, ameen: PML-N’s Zubair

PML-N leader Muhammad Zubair addressing a press conference in Islamabad on July 30, 2022. — Twitter/@pmln_org
  • Zubair dares PTI chairman to file a defamation case against Financial Times in London courts.
  • “Why is PTI chairman shying away from being held accountable?” he asks.
  • Says the international publication “has provided all proof” against Imran Khan.

ISLAMABAD: PML-N leader Mohammad Zubair on Saturday asked PTI chairman Imran Khan to “prove” that he is honest (honest) and kind (reliable), two essential traits for any holder of public responsibility.

Speaking at a news conference in the federal capital, Zubair said coalition parties will continue to question PTI about the banned funding case against him.

Zubair said PTI “finds excuses” to block the ruling in the case that was reserved by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in June.

PML-N Leader, referring to PTI founder, who is accused of having major irregularities in party finances, including funding from outside Pakistan, said Akbar S Babar “presented show all evidence of how the charitable funds were transferred to the PTI account”.

“Imran Khan should now prove that he is sadiq and American,” he said, as he dared to file an allegation against international publication in a London court.

Regarding the lawsuits against PML-N leaders, he said that “bogus cases” have been filed against party leader Nawaz Sharif, however, he gave full details of the finances. its property.

“We [PML-N leaders] have been to court many times, however, Imran Khan has never appeared in court,” he said, asking why the PTI Chairman hesitated to take responsibility.

How a UK cricket match was used to help Imran Khan’s party. 2013 has foreign origin.

According to the report, “Naqvi made three direct payments to PTI in 2013, totaling $2.12 million.”

At the center of the story is Wootton Cricket Ltd, a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands and owned by Naqvi, and money from charity fundraisers, such as the “Wootton T20 Cup”, to sponsor PTI.

Naqvi, founder of Dubai-based Abraaj Group, one of the largest private equity firms operating in emerging markets when PTI was campaigning for the 2013 elections, organized cricket tournament at his estate in the village of Wootton, Oxfordshire. The FT said between 2010 and 2012.

Guests were asked to pay between £2,000 and £2,500 per person to attend, according to the UK publication. Quoting Naqvi, he added that the money had gone to unspecified “charity purposes”.

“Funds have been contributed to Wootton Cricket by businesses and individuals, including at least £2 million from a UAE government minister who is also a member of the Royal Abu Dhabi,” reads the newspaper. FT’s report

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