Islamabad woman marries servant to set example of true love

Islamabad woman marries servant to set example of true love

At a time when true love is hard to come by and the world is rapidly moving towards materialistic ideals, one woman from Islamabad has proven otherwise and is an example for many couples to follow.

The wife, Nazia, hired Sufyan to help her with housework for a salary of Rs 18,000 per month.

However, seeing Sufyan’s good manners, simplicity and demeanor, she fell in love with him and proposed to marry him, she told YouTuber Syed Basit Ali in March of this year.

Recently, a YouTube video of the couple has gone viral on social media, with netizens praising the couple as an example of true love.

During her interview, Nazia  who lives in the posh Bahria Town district of the federal capital – told the host that she lived alone in her house and had hired Sufyan after several people recommend him as a trusted butler.

“Everybody complimented him. He never looked at anyone inappropriately,” she said, adding that “his simplicity captured my heart.”

She added that given her wealth and status, many men approached her to propose, but she fell in love with Sufyan for his nature.

“Love doesn’t see status, color, wealth or class,” she said.

When Nazia proposed to the man, he couldn’t believe it and even “passed out” from shock and excitement, she told the YouTuber. But as soon as he regained consciousness, he also confessed his feelings to the landlady.

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