Johnny Depp’s art collection: Everything you need to know

Johnny Depp’s art collection: Everything you need to know

Johnny Depp is back with his first art collection this week as his works sold for a whopping $3.6 million via Castle Fine Art within hours.

The Star of the Pirates of the Caribbean, 59, released a limited edition collection of 780 pieces, which sold out in a few hours on July 28, with individual images sold with $4,800 and the full catalog of four paintings sold for $18,000.

The Hollywood Idol Collection focuses on ‘Friends & Heroes’, and includes pop-art works by Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Elizabeth Taylor and Al Pacino, the Daily Mail reports.

Seller Castle Fine Art described Johnny Depp’s works as follows: “Each image is an intimate reflection of their personality in Johnny’s eyes; representing how they express themselves to him. “

The London Gallery adds: “From his close friend Keith Richards, who inspired the style of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, to Bob Dylan, who was a creative influence on the with the artist embodied in the living and immortal portrait of Johnny.”

Johnny Depp says: “I’ve always used art to express my feelings and to reflect on the people who mean the most to me, such as family, friends, and people I admire. My paintings surround my life, but I keep them to myself and limit myself. No one should limit themselves. “The Pirates of the Caribbean star announced the sale on her Instagram, causing the collection to sell out in a matter of hours.”


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