Khaqan Abbasi received kickbacks from Indian company, alleges Gill

Khaqan Abbasi received kickbacks from Indian company, alleges Gill

PTI leader Shahbaz Gill addressing a press conference in Lahore, on October 30, 2020. — PID
  • Shahid Khaqan had taken Rs140 million through TTs, claims Gill.
  • I have receipts of all the transactions made to Shahid Khaqan, he says.
  • Khaqan asks Gill to file a petition against him in court.


PTI leader Shahbaz Gill has claimed that former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi received bribes and commissions from an Indian company, alleging that PML-N leader took 140 million rupees through TT (money transfer by telegram). “When Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was oil minister, he took 140 million rupees through TT from an Indian company,” Shahbaz Gill said at a press conference in Lahore on Sunday.

Shahbaz Gill said he has receipts for all transactions, therefore, “I request Shahid Khaqan to disclose his bank account details as we both have accounts in the same Bank”.

In response to the allegations, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi asked Shahbaz Gill to file a lawsuit against him in court.

Shahid Khaqan added that “the PTI defamation brigade has been in power for four years and has filed two false claims against me”.

“Therefore, if Gill has solid evidence regarding the littering allegations, he should file a lawsuit against me,” he added.

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