Number of accused in Dua Zahra case would be called ‘a gang’, lawyer says

Number of accused in Dua Zahra case would be called ‘a gang’, lawyer says

One of Ukraine’s richest men and his wife died in a massive shelling in the southern city of Mykolaiv. Activist and senior Dua Zahra lawyer, Jibran Nasir, said he would refer to the number of defendants in the case as “a gang”.

In conversation with Independent Urdu, Jibran said, “A family consists of four members  two parents and two children. A team consists of 11 members while a team consists of 16 members. But the police were appointing 34 people charged in this case I think [a group of] 34 members would be called a gang,” he said.

Revealing the reason behind asking Zahra to move to Darul Aman in Karachi from Lahore, Jibran said he asked to move her to the city because her parents were in the same city.

“If the girl is kept in a shelter, it should be in Karachi [instead of Lahore] so her parents can support her,” he said.

It should be noted that Dua was transferred from her hiding place in Karachi to Lahore at the request of an attorney.

Talking about the facilities provided to teenagers in Darul Aman at the moment, Jibran said the said shelter is an experimental project of the Sindh government and has all the amenities and security needed. necessary for the child.

Dua, 15, caused a stir across the country after she mysteriously disappeared from Karachi in April, but she later said she ran away from home to marry Zaheer Ahmed, 21.

Dua’s father, Mehdi Kazmi, filed a kidnapping complaint against Zaheer, but when the case was brought before the judge of Lahore Model City Court, he refused a police request to moved her to a shelter, claiming that she was “free to go where she wanted” because she was not a minor. Lawyer Nasir took over the case. Her marriage is not legal.

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