Pak Army, FC busy restoring connectivity in flood-hit areas: ISPR

Pak Army, FC busy restoring connectivity in flood-hit areas

Pakistan Army troops rescue stranded flood victims in Balochistan in this ISPR file photo.
  • Troops open up blocked communication infrastructure such as motorways and highways.
  • M-8 motorway still cut off.
  • Most rivers are “flowing normal”.
  • Low flood in Indus River at Attock, Tarbela, Chashma, and Guddu, low flood at Warsak, and medium flood at Nowshehra in Kabul River.

Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps troops continue to engage in rescue and relief efforts in the flood-hit areas of the country, and are busy in repair work on highways and motorways to restore connectivity, the Inter-Services Public Relations said on Sunday.

According to a statement by the military’s media wing, Army and FC personnel “are busy in rescue and relief efforts, apart from providing medical care and opening up communication infrastructure”.

Providing an update on the flow of various rivers, the ISPR said all rivers are “flowing normal” except a low flood in Indus River at Attock, Tarbela, Chashma, and Guddu. A low flood was also reported at Warsak and a medium flood at Nowshehra in Kabul River.

According to the situation statement of KP

, a maximum rainfall of 133 mm was recorded in the Mardan area of ​​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 85 mm in the Mohmand area. 44:44 44:44 According to the ISPR report, the military was tasked with draining Mardan.

Flash floods are being reported at the zero point in the Momand area, he added.

South Punjab

South Punjab, “All hilly streams are normal except for some increases in the Mithavan, Kaha and Sanghar hills,” he said in his statement. 44:44 44:44 Local commanders visited Rajanpur and D.G. According to ISPR, there is a compartment where emergency aid is distributed to flood victims and medical camps have been set up.

Jhal Magsi

“Full connection of Gandhava restored” in Jhal Magsi, city of Balochistan.

There are no more isolated areas in and around Gandhava, the Ministry of Defense said.

Among them, there is an army medical camp, and so far 115 patients have been treated.


In the city of Khuzdar, the M-8 motorway is still blocked. ISPR said in a statement that “work is underway to resume the connection.”
According to the
report, 145 victims were treated in
 a field medical camp established by KMZ Khuzdar and FC in Hafizabad.


In the small town of Nasirabad, ISPR reported no rain during the day.
statement stated that “we are taking action to support the affected Babakot and Gandakhi populations”, noting that food and cooked meals were distributed to flood victims.

Various patients were also treated at the field medical camp in Gandak.


There was no rain in the Chaman region of Balochistan
ISPR says the Bab-e-Dosti (Door of Friendship) on the Pakistan-Afghan border is “fully operational”.


Noshki did not rain either. “Efforts are underway to help people in need,” ISPR said in a statement.
According to the
statement, “more than 1,000 people fed the prepared meals.”
 media reported that the three damaged H-40 highways were “repaired and traffic normalized.”


According to ISPR, there has been no rain in the Lasbela area in the last few hours and the situation is stabilizing.

According to the military media, five medical field camps in Naka, Bel, Dudar, Kab and Gadani provide medical assistance.
 highway has been opened and repairs to the bridge are underway, the report said.

“The commanders of Gawadar have visited Khab and Utal,” the statement went on to add. At


Kila-Saifulla, precipitation was recorded for the entire region.

Islamic Bagh

ISPR reports that a field medical camp set up in Kazin has received more than 200 patients.

Gilgit-Baltistan Unit

also operated in Gilgit-Baltistan.

ISPR said “two landslides were reported near Sikandarabad on the Karakoram Highway.”

“The road is open for FWO one-way traffic,” he added.

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