Pakistan reaffirms ‘One-China’ policy over Taiwan Strait issue | The Express Tribune

Pakistan reaffirms ‘One-China’ policy over Taiwan Strait issue | The Express Tribune

On Wednesday, Pakistan reaffirmed its adherence to the “one China” policy and expressed unwavering support for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “Pakistan is deeply concerned about developments in the Taiwan Strait, which have a serious impact on regional peace and stability,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

FO added that the world was reeling from the dire security situation resulting from the conflict in Ukraine, with destabilizing effects on international food and energy security.

“The world cannot afford another crisis with negative consequences for world peace, security and economy”, he affirmed.

The Declaration adds: “Pakistan firmly believes that relations between nations should be based on mutual respect, non-interference in internal affairs and the peaceful settlement of issues in accordance with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, international law and bilateral agreements.

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US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan on Tuesday night, despite a series of escalating warnings and threats from China that have fueled tensions between the two superpower in the world skyrocketed.

Pelosi, second in term, is the highest-ranking US lawmaker to visit Taiwan in 25 years, and Beijing has made it clear that it views his presence as a major provocation. , putting the region in a competitive position.

Live broadcasts showed the 82-year-old lawmaker, who had flown on a US military plane, being greeted at Songshan Airport in Taipei by Foreign Minister Joseph Wu.

After he arrived, China’s Ministry of National Defense said the Chinese military was on high alert and would launch “targeted military operations”.

Meanwhile, the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command said it would conduct joint military operations near Taiwan starting Tuesday night.

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