Pakistani boxer forced to miss Commonwealth Games due to error

Pakistani boxer forced to miss Commonwealth Games due to error

Pakistani boxer Zohaib Rasheed. — ASBC website 
  • Technical delegates of boxing competition did not include Zohaib Rasheed’s name into draws of competition.
  • Organising committee tells Pakistani management boxer can not be accommodated.
  • Pakistan to write to IBA, CWG Federation, seek damages from organisers through in’tl court of arbitration for sports.

KARACHI: Pakistani boxer Zohaib Rasheed was forced to miss the Commonwealth Games after the boxing competition’s technical delegates failed to enter his name in the draws for the competition.

The issue was first noticed when the draw results were announced and Zohaib’s name was missing from the flyweight draws.

According to sources of the Pakistan Boxing Federation (PBF), when this incident was announced by the organizers, the Pakistani boxing team was informed that this was due to an error.

However, although the incident lasted for three days, the error was still not corrected and on the day of the competition, the organizers informed the Pakistani leadership that the fighter could not be accommodated. “It’s frustrating and disappointing, it’s mental torture for a player who has been in limbo for three days because of someone else’s mistake,” said Colonel Nasir Tung, PBF Secretary.

“They have done our players an injustice and we will not remain silent on this matter,” he added.

The secretary of the boxing federation has announced that Pakistan will not only write to the International Boxing Association (IBA) and the CWG Federation, but also request the organizers to pay damages through the arbitration court. international sports.

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