PHF officials enjoy trip to Birmingham despite Pakistan hockey’s financial crisis

PHF officials enjoy trip to Birmingham despite Pakistan hockey’s financial crisis

  • PHF’s high officials reach Birmingham to meet national squad.
  • Journalist Yahya Hussaini raises questions about visit to UK despite economic crisis.
  • PHF fails to inquire reason behind the Asia Cup 2022 blunder that cost Pakistan, Hockey World Cup 2023’s spot.

KARACHI: Despite complaints from the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) about the lack of funding for hockey activities and players, senior federation officials traveled to Birmingham to meet with the team. nation.

The match between Pakistan and South Asia ended in a draw in the first competition of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The team was absent from the following year’s Hockey World Cup. in India and find it hard to salvage lost pride due to dirty politics in the PHF.

Meanwhile, PHF President Khalid Sajjad Khokhar along with head coach Olympian Manzoor Jr visited the team.

Senior sports journalist/presenter, Yahya Hussaini brought up the question of Khokhar’s visit to the UK despite the economic crisis in the federation.

Furthermore, another veteran sports journalist, Sohail Imran, suggested that Manzoor replaced Kaleemullah as head coach just to enjoy the England trip.

Earlier this month, the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) appointed senior PHF officials, including Khokhar. But then Khokhar regained the chairmanship of a special committee appointed by the PSB to hold elections within 30 days.

PHF has announced election dates from August 5 to August 20, however, hockey pundits believe these elections will only be “selective”.

On the other hand, PHF did not ask the reason for the mistake at the 2022 Asian Cup that caused Pakistan to lose its place in the 2023 Hockey World Cup.

According to details, then team manager Khawaja Junaid was unaware of the FIH rules as Pakistan’s goal was disqualified against Japan. Pakistan not only lost this match 3-2 but was also kicked out of the World Cup after India beat Indonesia 16-0.

The blame game began during the subsequent PHF, ending with the formation of a committee to investigate the matter. A three-member investigative committee led by Olympian Kaleemullah includes Olympian Nasir Ali and KPK hockey association president Zahir Shah.

This fictitious committee was set up to eliminate the problem when coach Junaid resigned shortly after the Asian Cup, followed by PHF secretary Asif Bajwa’s forced resignation earlier this month.

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