PSM sacks officer who lifted the lid on Rs10 billion theft | The Express Tribune

PSM sacks officer who lifted the lid on Rs10 billion theft | The Express Tribune


The Pakistan Steel Mills Management (PSM) fired the officer determining the theft of Rs 10 billion for theft and misconduct.

Engineer Abdur Rehman prepared a report on the theft of equipment worth Rs 10 billion. He submitted it to the CEO of PSM, identified the employees involved in the theft and proposed a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA) investigation against them.

The authorities opened an old investigation against Rehman as punishment for gathering evidence against senior leaders in the theft of billions of rupees and sending dismissal letters to his home.

The letter of dismissal comes a day after the Ministry of Industry and Manufacturing approached the FIA ​​about this.

Regarding the investigative report on the theft of 10 billion rupees by the Ministry of Industry and Production, PSM management called it a secret of senior Rehman executives for which the evidence was provided. at the FIA.

PSM Management, in its response to the Ministry to cover up the theft of Rs 10 billion, said that the reporting officer engaged in improper conduct with the secretary general, which he had the opportunity to sorry.

Reporter involved in the robbery, he said that Rahman did not show up to present the cause notice and continued to submit false medical reports. PSM said that according to legal experts, investigating a burglary is not within the discretion of the FIA.

On the other hand, Rehman, the officer who wrote the report, told The Express Tribune that he will take legal action against the decision to send him in for a bogus investigation as punishment for defaming the perpetrators. plunder national property.

He says he is ready to defend his position at every forum and gives irrefutable evidence of thefts colluded by senior management to systematically destroy PSM .

Over 35 First Information Reports (FIRs) have been filed with PSM for theft. No action was taken and those involved were never arrested.

The report indicated that the FIRs of many incidents were not recorded, and the question was dropped.

It should be noted that dual security is implemented at PSM’s main plant, one of which is its personal security and the other is government armed security that patrols day and night, reducing risk Intrusion

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