Royal Family following Queen Elizabeth

What happens next for the Royal Family following Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral?

LONDON – After days of mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the feeling has finally taken hold in the UK and Commonwealth following her state funeral on Monday, during which crowds gathered on street to honor the late monarch and her 70s history. year of reign. Monday
was declared a holiday in honor of the Queen, who died on 8 September at Balmoral Castle in Scotland – and hundreds of thousands of people flocked to central London and Windsor to bid her farewells. Filled with glitz and pageantry, the solemn day is seen by many as the moment when the public says goodbye to their former ruler.Sally Osman, former director of royal communications at Buckingham Palace, told CTV News that the Queen’s funeral has ended an era and it requires contemplation before moving forward. Speaking during CTV News’ live coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on Monday, Osman noted that the Queen, who was involved in planning her funeral, had offered the public the opportunity to mourn in front of his family. Osman said it was his last act of service, something like that.”I think something very profound has happened, not only in the UK but all over the world, and now that these ceremonies are over, I think there will be a time when we stop and think. about it,” Osman said.

Although the period of national mourning has ended, the Royal Family will continue to mourn until at least September 1. 26. The Protocol stipulates that the Royal Family continue to mourn for one week after making it public.

During this time, the Royal Family will not engage in any public skirmishes unless specifically authorized by the King. They will also continue to wear black and the flags, except the Royal Standard, will continue to fly at half-mast.

“I think the Queen, wherever she was, would look down and be incredibly proud of her family, the way they behaved with such dignity while having to cry in public,” Osman said.

But despite the extra time of mourning for the royals, Osman says business must go on.

“However, the wheel of the constitution will continue to turn,” she said. “Whether it’s signing the legislation, meeting other heads of state, who might be in town the king hasn’t had a chance to meet yet and starting to take on those important functions of the regime. monarchy

When Prince Philip died in 2021, it was announced that he would eventually be laid to rest next to Queen Elizabeth II when she died – but many were confused as to what that meant.

It’s been more than a year since Philip’s death, some Twitter users have asked a serious question: Is the Royal Vault where Prince Philip is now just a very large and elegant freezer?

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