The systematic persecution of minorities for political mileage

The systematic persecution of minorities for political mileage

“By monitoring their behavior in public, we have begun to invade their privacy in their homes and in doing so we are forcing them to take it away. their full dignity and respect.”

At that point, I think we had reached the lowest possible level of moral bankruptcy. Little did I know that when it comes to Ahmadis, our state and society have an amazing ability to constantly overcome all the mistakes of our past.

Since then, two similar incidents have surfaced, leaving me completely stunned. First, the government of Chaudary Pervaiz Elahi, shortly after taking control of Punjab, decided to modify the form of nikkah nama by introducing the provision of belief in the finality of prophecy. Second, in an even more troubling development, Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader Malik Ilyas Awan sent a letter to Khushab’s Deputy Commissioner, asking him to withdraw security. from the Ahmadi inhabitants of the area, and called for their expulsion from Khushab.

While the Eid incident demonstrated bigotry and hatred at the general population level, what made these last two developments particularly shocking was government involvement. When such measures are taken by the government, it means that the government has abandoned its fundamental responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of all its citizens and becomes the party sectarianism completely against a minority group and, in doing so, increasingly features a semi-fascist state. .

The update of nikkah nama is a continuation of the long-standing trend of including such provisions in various government documents. This step is not necessary as this requirement is already present in many identity documents. Furthermore, Islamic Family Law is not a provincial subject and the Punjab government has decided to take this step. In my view, this serves no purpose except to further promote and institutionalize discrimination against Ahmadis for political gain. This was first proposed in March 2022, before the no-confidence movement and even then liberals criticized that its sole purpose was for petty political interests.

Now, after ‘taking back’ Punjab, the PTI and PML-Q coalition immediately enacted the bill they proposed in March. One of the reasons they do so is that in the recent by-elections, which they won convincingly, they played a religious match to defeat Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP).

May God help and show us the right path which is of kindness and empathy.

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